Outage Restoration Plan

In the aftermath of a major storm we implement a service restoration plan which emphasizes safety and efficiency. Our first priority is safety. Repair crews are assigned to the most critical areas to make them safe for the general public. Our second priority is to restore power in the most efficient manner. After a thorough damage assessment has been completed, our repair crews will restore electrical service by repairing power lines that restore power in the shortest period of time to the largest number of customers possible. This occurs before our crews begin the more time consuming task of restoring service to individual homes and businesses.

During a major outage, Black River Electric Cooperative crews may work around the clock until all power is restored. If you lose power following a major storm, please be patient. Crews systematically restore power in the following order.

  • Electric Substations
  • Main feeder lines
  • Taps off the main feeder lines
  • Individual service drops

For your safety and the safety of our crews, please be aware of all service vehicles parked along roadways and service repair sites. In the event you have any outage questions or would like to report downed lines please call Black River Electric Cooperative at 469-8060. Directing these questions to a service technician at a repair site will slow the restoration process and could also be dangerous. Please do not stop our repair vehicles on the road as this could create a safety hazard.