Capital Credits

Capital Credits are a popular benefit for our members and a good example of the many ways we put service before profit. Each year, all revenue over and above expenses is assigned by the cooperative to each member’s Capital Credit account. The amount assigned to an individual account is determined by the member’s yearly revenue paid for energy.

In the year 2023, more than $2.6 million was retired and returned to the former and current membership through the retirement process. The Cooperative also has a Discount Capital Credit program and returned close to $1 million to former and/or current Black River members.  For more information about the Discount Capital Credit Program, click here.

Capital Credits are a benefit of membership in a member-owned utility.  If you move, be sure to leave your forwarding address with us so we can send your Capital Credit check to you.

Unclaimed Capital Credits – If you were a former member of Black River Electric Cooperative before 2007 or a former discount capital credit member and have not received a capital credit check, click here to see if the cooperative has unclaimed capital credits for you.