Apply For Service

Members may apply for service by phone or in the office.

All applications for service are accepted in our two business offices.  In Sumter, we are open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.  In Camden, we close at 4 p.m.

Members may apply for service by phone or in the office.  When applying over the phone, applicants may fax or email the required documents.  When corresponding via email/fax, the application process may take longer depending on how quickly documents and correspondence are received.

Please allow 3 business days to complete the application and submit your request to be processed.  For faster service, applicants may apply in the Sumter or Camden offices.  All new members are required to sign a membership application and pay a $5 membership fee.  A security deposit may also be required, and must be paid before service can be established.

Requirements and documents needed to apply for service:

  • US driver’s license or government issued ID card
  • Social Security Number or Tax ID Number
  • Rental agreement or proof of ownership of the property.  For mobile home rentals, a rental agreement from the mobile homeowner and landowner is required.  For the purchase of mobile homes, the mobile home license and proof of ownership of the land is required.
  • Permits will be required for new services such as a building permit, septic permit, and easements.
  • Additional documents, if needed, will be discussed after submitting your service request.
  • Membership Application
  • Credit check
  • Payment of $5 membership fee, and deposit if required.  Deposits start at $200.00.
  • Location / mailing address / contact number
  • We do offer a prepaid option to reduce the required deposit.  Additional documentation is required for prepaid accounts.
  • A valid letter of credit from another utility, showing an excellent pay record in the last 12 months, will be considered to possibly reduce your deposit.
  • Active-duty military members may present a waiver letter, when stationed at Shaw AFB, which will also be considered in reducing or waiving a required deposit.

For commercial account inquiries, or for more information, please contact our office at 803-469-8060, or email us at

If you are moving to a home where electric service already exists, power will typically be connected on our next business day, after the application is completed.  Emergency same day service may be provided for an additional fee.

If this is a new service and an electric line must be built, the customary construction time is 10-14 business days after the office is notified of the passed inspection.

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