Apply For Commercial Service

All applications for service are accepted in our two business offices.  You will need to complete an application and present certain identification items and proof of ownership or a rental agreement.  You will be asked to complete a: Membership Application, Easement (if applicable) and Business Recourse Agreement (if applicable).  You will need to provide: valid picture identification, taxpayer identification number, proof of property ownership (if purchasing), or rental agreement (if renting).

All new members are required to pay a $5 membership fee.  A security deposit is required. The standard commercial security deposit is $500; however, depending on your credit score, a higher deposit may be required.

If you are connecting a business where electric service already exists, power will typically be connected on our next business day.  Emergency same day service may be provided for an additional fee.

If this is a new service and an electric line must be built, construction time may vary.

All necessary permits and licenses must be provided prior to connection of service.

Electric Vehicles - A Smart Transportation Choice

EV operation can be three to five times cheaper than gasoline and diesel powered cars, depending on your local gasoline and electric rates.