Solar & Net Metering

Below is all the information you should need for Solar and Net Metering. The checklist is a great place to start, and the rates, application and agreements are below.

Black River’s Community Solar Farm is set to serve you now. All active members are eligible to subscribe to up to three units at a monthly rate of $20 per unit. Each unit is expected to produce an average of 2,100 kWh per year, and that energy will be credited to your bill. Call us at (803) 469-8060 for more details.

South Carolina’s independent, consumer-owned electric cooperatives have created the largest network of community solar installations in the state, significantly expanding solar energy access to the more than 1.3 million people served by the state’s co-ops.

BREC Net Metering Rider for Residential and Small Commercial Rates

Member or Installer Net Meter Request Checklist

Schedule A

BREC Interconnect Standard 2 MVA 7.6.11

BREC Interconnect Application 2 MVA 7.6.11

BREC Interconnect Agreement 2 MVA 7.6.11