PrePaid  – the power to pay your way.   PrePaid offers you the opportunity to pay when you want and in the amounts you want.  No more end of the month surprises when you receive your bill.  Instead of receiving a monthly electric bill, you will be able to monitor your usage every day.  PrePaid members can pay as often as they wish during the month….the power to pay is in your hands.

As a PrePaid member, your maximum deposit will be reduced and with excellent credit could be waived completely.  However, an additional deposit may be required on your account if the Cooperative determines a credit risk exists.

As a PrePaid member, you are subject to an additional facilities charge, which helps to cover equipment cost and services associated with the PrePaid program.

As a PrePaid member you can monitor your daily usage, receive notifications and make payments as often as you like or as your budget allows. Accounts will be billed on estimated readings and adjusted when the valid readings are received by the cooperative.

If your PrePaid account balance goes below $0, you will be subject to immediate disconnection.

If your PrePaid account is disconnected, you will be required to pay your negative PrePaid account balance as well as a $10 reconnect service charge and the current standard amount of $50 for additional power.  The total payment amount can be obtained and paid anytime by calling 1-866-731-2732, on the internet at or at the Cooperative offices during regular business hours.

Your PrePaid account is not eligible for credit extensions or payment arrangements.  Energy assistance payments must be received prior to a credit being applied to your PrePaid account.

PrePaid accounts are not mailed monthly paper statements (bills).  Your PrePaid account balance can be obtained anytime by phone at 1-866-731-2732.  Daily PrePaid account history (usage, charges and payments) will also be available via our program called Open Notify.  This will allow you to modify your notification settings.  You are solely in control of managing and updating the notification settings on your PrePaid account.  Make sure your contact numbers stay current in order to receive notifications and alerts. Check out and set up Open Notify by logging into your account here:

You may revert your PrePaid account to our normal billing service at any time.  However, Black River Electric Cooperative will require an additional deposit in accordance with our current policy.

All other policies, charges and fees associated with providing electric service also apply to your PrePaid account to include: returned check fees, meter tampering fees, same day service fees, etc.

Cooperative establishes a minimum payment amount

The Cooperative has placed a minimum payment amount on all transactions processed in our offices, including Prepaid.  Effective February 1, 2014, all payments processed in either the Sumter or Camden office must be $10 or greater.  This change is due in part to the increase in traffic and the increased cost of processing smaller payments, most of which are PrePaid accounts.
In order to make payment more convenient, we have changed the minimum payment amount for all debit and credit card transactions from $15 to $10.
We continue to look for ways to keep our costs down for all members of Black River.  We believe these small changes will make a difference in helping us serve you more efficiently.