Green Power

Green Power

GreenPower  has arrived with South Carolina’s first source of renewable power generation now open for business. GreenPower  is electricity generated by sustainable resources such as solar and garbage in selected landfills. Generated by Santee Cooper and distributed by Black River Electric Cooperative, South Carolina’s GreenPower plant will collect methane gas from the Horry County Solid Waste Authority Landfill, the Lee County Landfill SC, LLC and the Richland County Landfill. There, the methane gases that would normally be released into the atmosphere-gases that possibly contribute to global warming-will be used as GreenPower fuel.

The GreenPower plant generates a maximum of 14.2 megawatts of electricity which reduces enough methane emissions to be the environmental equivalent of planting more than 17,800 acres of trees. There is also a 16kw solar pavilion demonstration project on the Coastal Carolina University campus in Conway, South Carolina. GreenPower is something we can all live with. By participating in the GreenPower program, you can help ensure its success now and into the future.


Your costs will vary depending on how many blocks of power you choose to buy. Each block purchased will add an extra $3 to your monthly electric bill.


Residential Customers:
1 Block (100 kilowatt hours): $3
2 Blocks (200 kilowatt hours): $6
3 Blocks (300 kilowatt hours): $9
Commercial Customers:
1 Block (200 kilowatt hours): $6
2 Blocks (400 kilowatt hours): $12
3 Blocks (600 kilowatt hours): $18


If you wish to purchase more than 3 blocks of GreenPower, you may do so in blocks of 100 kilowatt hours at a rate of $3 per 100 kilowatt hours. Participation in the GreenPower program is voluntary by Black River and its members. A member may request to terminate their participation in this program at any time. All revenue from GreenPower premiums will be reinvested in future development of additional renewable resources or facilities.

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