An e-bill account will receive an e-mail notification each month after their electric bill has been processed. The e-mail notification will state the total balance of the account and the due date of the current bill. If your account balance includes a past due amount, the e-mail notice will not provide the last date to pay prior to disconnection. You may view your bill image online or use our automated phone system (1-866-731-2732) to obtain this information.


A sample e-mail notification is listed below:

Dear Member Name,

Black River Electric Cooperative has processed your current bill for your electric service account. The details and image of the bill can be viewed at www.blackriver.coop. You must be a registered user to view this detailed information and image.

Account:   Account Number
Account Total Balance:   $Balance
Current Bill Due Date:   Due Date

Please be aware the above information does not identify past due balances separately. For the detail of any past due balance and the last day to pay to avoid disconnection, you must view the image and detail of this bill on-line.

Please click here to log in to pay or view your bill on-line. ****You must have successfully completed the registration process to use this service.

Thank you for allowing the Cooperative to serve you.

Please sign me up for E-Billing This link will create an e-mail notifying and authorizing Black River Electric Cooperative to enroll you in our e-billing program.

You must include the following information in the e-mail:

  • Account Name
  • Account Number (s)
  • Service Address
  • Phone Number (current phone number where we can contact you)
  • E-Mail Address

View My Bill:  This link will take you directly to our online Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment site. This site will allow you to view an image of your bill or make a payment. You are required to register to use this site.