Capital Credit Checks Mailed this week

Capital Credits are a popular benefit for Black River members and a good example of what it means to be “Not-for-Profit.”  Each year, all revenue over and above expenses is assigned by the cooperative to each member as Capital Credits.

We are so excited to be sending out almost 25,000 checks to our members this week.  And that is NOT a typo – 24,971 checks to be exact!

We normally send Capital Credit checks out just prior to our Annual Meeting – which has now been postponed until June 20 – but we did not want to postpone the delivery of this money. We are all living through this difficult time together – including the Cooperative – but our Board felt that it was important to send these checks out now, hoping this money will help our members.

We take such pride in supporting our members – especially during difficult times.  We are here for the good times as well, and we will find those once again, real soon we hope! But until then, we hope this extra money eases a few burdens.

With these checks, we retired more than $4 million through our annual Capital Credit program.  The amount assigned to each member is determined by the member’s yearly revenue paid for energy. 

Capital Credits are a benefit of membership in a member-owned cooperative.  If you move, be sure to leave your forwarding address with us so we can send any future checks to you.

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