Community Solar Now Available!

YOU CAN NOW GO SOLAR WITHOUT INSTALLING PANELS ON YOUR PROPERTY!  Community Solar lets you share in the benefits of solar power, even if you can’t, or prefer not
to, install solar panels on your property.   It’s easy!

Decide how many units of solar power are right for you. If you’d like more Community Solar later and it is available, you can select additional units. (Maximum 3 units per member at only $20 each.) Complete the subscription agreement. (Stop on by our office today and we will help get you started!) Then pay the onetime $25 application fee. Then start receiving solar energy credits on your monthly electric bill.

Each month you will receive credit for a portion of the production from the Black River Community Solar Farm. Your portion is based on how many
solar units you have selected. Call (803) 469-8060 today for more information!

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