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The South Carolina Power Team and Site Selection Group have partnered to conduct an unprecedented, comprehensive workforce analysis of all 46 South Carolina counties.  One critical component of the project is hearing directly from South Carolina’s workforce to better understand their backgrounds, skill sets, and aspirations for career advancement. As a result, the Power Team…Continue Reading

Let’s save energy together!

All you do is turn off unnecessary lights and think twice before using major appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and clothes dryers. And adjust your home’s thermostat to use a little less heat or air conditioning during the Beat the Peak hours. If we work together to Beat the Peak, we can control some…Continue Reading

Community Solar Now Available!

YOU CAN NOW GO SOLAR WITHOUT INSTALLING PANELS ON YOUR PROPERTY!  Community Solar lets you share in the benefits of solar power, even if you can’t, or prefer not to, install solar panels on your property.   It’s easy! Decide how many units of solar power are right for you. If you’d like more Community Solar…Continue Reading

Annual Meeting April 8th

We sure enjoyed visiting with our members last year at the Annual Meeting, and this year will be no exception. Join us Saturday, April 8th, at the Sumter County Civic Center. Registration will begin at 8 a.m., and door prizes will start shortly afterwards. The business meeting will begin at 11 a.m. We have some…Continue Reading

Voided Checks are Valid

Attention Members who received Capital Credit checks: During the printing of your original Capital Credit check by an outside vendor, there was an error that occurred on their end.  You might have received a check with the word VOID written on the face of the check.  Please know this check is not void and it…Continue Reading

If you have an outage, call 844-431-2732

We are preparing for the weekend weather and have crews on stand-by. If you experience a power outage during this storm, PLEASE call 1-844-431-2732. Our crews will be working as quickly and safely as possible to restore any outages. Please leave your front porch light on throughout the weekend as this will help our linemen with…Continue Reading